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"Ultimate Boat Boarding Ramp" completes your boating experience!
Our firsthand understanding of what boaters want and need has resulted in this revolutionary lightweight gangway, made from carbon fiber, weighs just 19 lbs. yet holds over 800 lbs! (“Enough to drive a motorcycle on board if you have a mind to “Boating World, March 2003.)
Easily attaches and detaches in 6 seconds
Glides smoothly and quietly along any dock surface.
Available in 6 ft. (our most popular model), 7 ft. & 8 ft. lengths, as well as custom lengths to 18 feet
All gangways are 20" wide and just 1" thick allowing a stable platform for you, your guests, parents, pets and children to safely access or exit the boat.
Non–skid sections provide secure footing, even when wet, and a handrail is available as an option.
Stores easily
100% made in the USA
This ramp is for you if:
You have ever held your breath while handing your baby and small children over the water
You can not lift your dog into the boat anymore
You have elderly parents that love to cruise, but can’t get on board safely anymore.
You can’t lift your old ramp without help.
You need a ramp at the restaurant to disembark.
Mounting systems available for all boarding applications, all types and sizes of boats between 25 and 100 plus feet. All gangways come with one set of mounting brackets in mirror polished stainless steel, and our 2-year limited warranty.

Order yours today!

   6” Length On Sale $  1525.00
   7” Length On Sale $  1875.00
   8’ Length On Sale $  2195.00
   5’ Length On Sale $  1448.00
   4’ Length On Sale $  1345.00

Please contact us for pricing and more information concerning custom lengths

“The Ultimate Boat Boarding Ramp is an example of better mousetrap innovation that makes it easier to overcome one of the big problems of boating: how to get from the dock to the boat while carrying ice, fish gear, and a squirming 3 year old without landing in the drink or turning into a pretzel.” Southern Boating Feb.2003

Click here to view The Ultimate Boarding Ramp's Mounting System Options

Click here to view The Ultimate Boarding Ramp's Stainless Steel Handrail Attachment

Click here to see Underside View of The Ultimate Boarding Ramp


6 FT Boarding Ramp with Delux Stainless Steel Brackets ($1525.00)
7 FT Boarding Ramp with Delux Stainless Steel Brackets ($1875.00)
8 FT Boarding Ramp with Delux Stainless Steel Brackets ($2195.00)
5 FT Boarding Ramp with Delux Stainless Steel Brackets ($1445.00)
4 FT Boarding Ramp with Delux Stainless Steel Brackets ($1345.00)

Ultimate Boarding Ramp Accessories

Stainless steel mounting sleeves - set of 2 ($325.00)
Stainless steel hand rail attachment ($375.00)
 Aluminum storage brackets (Set) ($280.00)
Extra set deluxe stainless steel brackets ($255.00)



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